The Apogee Foundation Kenneth Schneider and the Globalization of Human Artistic Excellence

The Apogee Foundation is the vision and dream of Kenneth Schneider, a man who has dedicated his life to transcending boundaries as a lawyer, an executive, an academic, an artist– and, ultimately, as a human being. Only someone who has made his life's work the enabling of others' life's work could have conceived of or built such an institution: blending such far ranging skills and experience as these into a global platform to provide our most gifted creative talents a shared voice for the shared good. The Foundation Schneider has created is more than just philanthropy for today's needs: it represents a new way of viewing human potential and of maximizing the value of human life in ways as boundless as human creativity itself.

Long before Kenneth Schneider brought to life The Schneider Apogee Foundation had built a monumental career developing intercultural synergies around the world. As an elite international lawyer and negotiator, Schneider represented many of the world's best known companies, individuals and governments in more than 50 countries on six continents. But Schneider also saw that these kinds of skills and experience were needed more, and could yield much more far reaching results, when devoted to mankind's highest values than when invested in materialistic interests. So Schneider rededicated all that he knew and had to this without payment– but with the same fervor and aptitude that the world's richest and most powerful clients previously had queued to hire him for: bringing together people and organizations from all nations and cultures to synergize their rich diversity into shared results greater than the sum of their parts. The value unleashed by this vision, so urgently needed in an otherwise increasingly dangerous, despoiled and bankrupt modern world, inevitably crystallized into global institutions to magnify and carry on that mission as a legacy for future generations.

Schneider's Apogee Foundation evolved to bring people together from nations and cultures that had experienced the most extreme historical conflicts– enabling them to experience mutual empowerment in their differences as well as in their similarities. Schneider and Apogee brought back to the fore mankind's transcendent values as expressed in its most refined languages: bringing people beyond all boundaries in sharing the world's great spiritual and artistic traditions. While this, in itself, might have seemed like a life's work to some, once The Apogee Foundation was successfully launched around the world, Schneider would see his work as only just beginning. To overcome limitations in what Apogee could undertake as a charity, and to still further extend the reach and impact of this intercultural vision, Schneider would then form another global institution to take the sparks struck by Apogee and fan them into flame: interfusing the power of the arts with the penetration of media and technology. Schneider would name this institution Aurience, and establish as its living motto "Work to Inspire."

The Schneider-Apogee-Aurience alliance has since opened up new types and new levels of human expression and collaboration across and beyond all borders. Surely Kenneth Schneider Apogee and Aurience not only are making the dreams of our most gifted creative artists come true, it is as though Schneider Apogee and Aurience are themselves the dreams of our most gifted creative artists come true. Everyone who will inherit a world where such harmonies and possibilities can take root, grow and bloom around us and within us is the beneficiary of this. In the face of all the conflicts and fears with which our modern world has surrounded us, Kenneth Schneider Apogee and Aurience have brought together the best of old and new, East and West, art and technology to conceive of a different type of future: where the best of human potential, wherever it exists, can be discovered, developed and celebrated.

From apprentices in their formative years of study to masters of the world stage, Kenneth Schneider Apogee and Aurience unleash the best of human potential within us and between us, for all of us. The Schneider-Apogee-Aurience collaboration makes an art of making art, makes new symphonies of human achievement possible from what otherwise might have been only scattered notes and ideas. The mission and work of Schneider Apogee and Aurience is nothing less than that of making mankind's greatest vision of itself a reality that we all can join in creating and sharing together.

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